Imsight AI and doctors fight hand in hand against the “epidemic”

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it has immediately drawn global attention. As of February 11, the total number of confirmed cases was 42,708 nationwide while the suspected cases stood at 21,675 and is rising. At present, Hubei and other major cities are most affected, but people do not realize that the epidemic has been spreading to county and grassroots. Owing to the lack of medical equipment and relatively low medical standard of primary hospitals, and the limited number of RT-PCR kits, a quick diagnosis cannot be provided in these hospitals. In contrast, imaging examinations are much safer and more accurate. Among them, X-ray examination is the first screening tool for outbreaks in primary hospitals because of its convenience and low cost.

Through close cooperation with third-party imaging centers, Imsight’s Radiology Artificial Intelligence system, has now deployed widely in Guizhou's major regional imaging centers and remote imaging diagnostic centers.

By means of doctors and AI, the following objectives have been achieved:

  1. Quick and direct screening of asymptomatic infected people and those at early stage – AI can assist primary medical institutions in timely identification of infected people and focuses on fighting the epidemic.
  2. Compared to RT-PCR method, artificial intelligence works much faster and is more convenient. Thus, it is one of the effective means of screening outbreaks.
  3. Can reduce doctors' fatigue and severe shortage of human resources. Doctor and AI can respond quickly and generate diagnostic reports in this special occasion. By screening any "highly suspected patients with pneumonia", it can reduce patients’ waiting time and risk of cross infection within the hospital.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, doctors at the Tongren Regional Remote Imaging Diagnostic Center (hereinafter referred to as the Remote Imaging Diagnostic Center), apart from completing their daily work, it has to diagnose hundreds of new cases.

After the Chinese New Year, new cases having been growing and have reached 958 cases on February 4. With the assistance of Imsight’s AI, the concern of doctors' fatigue and severe shortage of human resources have been greatly relieved.

These cases came from more than 160 townships, communities, private hospitals in Tongren City and Gui’an New District, and from hospitals that lacked resources for diagnostic radiology. Among these cases, the majority were chest X-rays, with lung CT accounting for 10%. Through remote image diagnosis, patients can be screened and diagnosed in a timely manner without having to travel far, hence, effectively reducing the risk of spreading.


Guizhou Tongren Remote Imaging Diagnosis Center using Imsight Technology’s AI System

As of now, the data feedback from the remote imaging diagnosis center shows that with the assistance of Imsight Technology’s AI, a total of 7 suspected cases of pneumonia with novel coronavirus infection have been detected, and all have been sent to designated hospitals for further nucleic acid testing. Among these 7 cases, the oldest patient is 56 years old, and the youngest is 9 years old.

Imsight Imsight Technology's DR-Sight artificial intelligence diagnostic system can effectively identify inflammatory symptoms such as pneumonia, consolidation, and infiltration


Imsight Technology predicts novel coronavirus based on CT image artificial intelligence system

As the Spring Festival holiday came to an end, a large number of people have returned to Shenzhen. Shenzhen No. 3 People's Hospital (National Infectious Diseases Clinical Medical Research Center), the only designated hospital for newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus in Shenzhen, has outstanding contribution in fighting the epidemic. Imsight Technology’s artificial intelligence system has started clinical trial at Shenzhen No. 3 People's Hospital a year ago. It has been highly appreciated by radiologists in terms of performance and operation, and it is hoped to help fight against this epidemic by contributing a scientific and technological input.

 At present, Imsight Technology's "Radiology artificial intelligence AI system" is open for trial.   

Frontline medical workers have been fighting in this battle of uncertainties at their best. While we pay tribute to these professionals, Imsight Technology, as a pioneer of AI’s R&D, provide technical support behind the scene and aids diagnosis. The epidemic is a race against time. We will do our best to fight it!