【International HealthTech Forum 2021】 Imsight explained how AI are Transforming Healthcare

The 2021 edition of International HealthTech Forum ended on a positive note on June 11. Continuing our long-standing support for the healthcare sector, Imsight’s interactive participation allowed participants to envision the future of building technology, with topics ranging from AI lesion detection and Misdiagnosis reduction.

Virtual seminar on the successful delivery of medical AI solution

This year’s forums invited industry leaders to illustrate the latest developments in the healthcare sector, with hand-picked topics ranging from latest AI research to rehabilitation development.  Highlights included Dr Clare Lai, Project Manager of Imsight delivering a fruitful speech shared, “Machine Learning is a self training algorithm that learns to solve the task through experience. One of the primary advantage of AI (DR-Sight) is the Triaging ability where high priority/critical cases is always reported first before low priority cases.”

Clare giving a speech on the Webinar of the forum.

Clare giving a speech on the Webinar of the forum.

▲ Clare giving a speech on the Webinar of the forum.

Exploring new AI technologies at VTC forums

Apart from the webinar, Imsight is invited to demonstrate our latest AI medical solution where visitors range from political figures to professional physicians can have a glimpse to how AI assist medical personnel featuring solutions included: DR-Sight, Lung-sight and Cervical-Sight, to witness the exponential growth of intelligent technologies which have unleashed the endless potential of medical imaging technology and machine learning. 

Imsight explaining solutions to visitors.

▲ Imsight explaining solutions to visitors.

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