Imsight obtained bronze award of HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award 2019


Final selection and panel judges

This contest aims to praise and encourage local start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which harness technology and innovation, coming up with brand new and sustainable business plans and opening up new market opportunities. Mr. Chiu Man-Chung, HSBC’s head of commercial banking Hong Kong, is the Chief judge of this selection pointed out that contesting firms have demonstrated ample imagination and creativity whether in terms of innovativeness or application of technology. Not only are these firms honoured, they are also recognized in the market by professionals.


During the interview Imsight’s HK team mentioned that they developed AI to help read patients’ X-ray, CT and MRI images. The technology can objectively analyze images in order to aid medical staff in ascertaining whether patients get cancers or not. It can also categorize patients’ conditions in order of urgency. Instant warning would be issued when necessary to remind medical staff to expedite the handling of respective cases. The model combining technology with business not only enhances patients’ survival rate, but also ensure that medical resources are more effectively utilized.


Dr. Tsougenis, Efstratios, Imsight’s Overseas Technical & Business Director pointed out that his company hopes that its patented AI technology can serve as doctors’ GPS, aiding their diagnoses. He mentioned that his company has a great advantage in academic research while the demand for medical healthcare in Hong Kong increases gradually. The company hoped that AI can create new opportunities for HK’s medical system and even the whole community. Project Manager Dr. Clare Lai stated that her company was honoured to be awarded and the judges gave them a lot of inspiration during the selection process and in their comments.


Imsight’s technology is currently under trial in Hong Kong and several dozens of hospitals on the mainland. It plans to enter the private sector and hopes to integrate the technology into the hospitals and routine work of the medical staff. There is more than one road to being innovative. The company needs to abandon conventional thinking to remain innovative.


Content excerpted from HKET



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