【TVB Future Scope「看出個未來」】Experts Showcasing Promising AI Technology through Surgery Demo on TVB

When artificial intelligence collaborates with medical professions, TVB documentary tells

Imsight has always been developed in partnership with the creative media community to enhance the public’s acknowledgement regarding medical AI’s latest development in HK. On 26 Nov 2020, our team of AI experts was honourably invited by TVB to discuss the exciting and cutting-edge technologies that can help surgeons in an extraordinary way. 


What’s a Surgeon thinks about AI 

Besides, we are delighted to invite Dr. Jeremy Teoh, the Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery to join our interview. Under his primary interests in bladder cancer and prostate cancer, we can have a peek at how medical professionals see AI’s development in the healthcare industry. During the interview, the doctor has showcased a practical application of AI in surgery to detect lesions automatically. 

Dr. Jeremy demonstrates the use of AI in a surgery


About Future Scope

“Future Scope (看出個未來)” is a TVB documentary programme that discusses how technological developments has brought new changes on political, economic, social and personal levels respectively. The program uses various entry points, including millennials, finance, health and sustainability. By interviewing relevant scholars, and industry professionals, the show aims to boldly examine the future trends of different fields. 


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